Prints – Categories:   Color and Black and White.
Maximum size: up to 16" x 20" mounted.
Digital - Digital entries are in jpeg format SRGB color space, resolution of 72 dpi and 750 pixels on the largest side.

Class B – Club's Entry Level.
Class A – Members who have demonstrated photographic skills in a specific  category superior to Class B workers or met the requirements of III below. 

A. Only those members whose dues are paid for the year may compete.
B.  New and returning members will be assigned to Class B unless they have previously competed in a higher class in this or another club. In such case the new member may request assignment to Class A.
C. Changes in class will be made at the end of the competition year. 
D. Class Assignment : Demonstrating photographic skills as follows:
1. The club shall maintain a tally of the results of each competition.

2. A copy of the monthly results shall be published on the club's web site.
a. The minimum number of entries to qualify for the Photographer of the Year is 8.
b. The annual score will be computed by dividing the sum of the scores by the number of entries.
3. The member who receives the highest annual score in a category shall be awarded the Photographer of the Year.
4. The Class B Photographer of the Year in each category will be assigned to Class A.
5. In case of a tie, the Executive Board, may assign more than one member to Class A.
6. Members of the B class who have scored 24 or higher 3 times in a category during the year in PFLI competitions will be assigned to the A class.
7. Once assigned to the A class, members must compete in the A class in all subsequent competitions. 
8. Members who have competed for two years in any class A category, must compete in class A in all categories.

A. Eligibility
1. All SUBMITTED WORK and all ADDED SUBJECT MATTER must be the maker’s ORIGINAL photography.
2. Color prints may contain multiple colors, including monochromatic with more than one added color.
3. Black and White prints may be either monochromatic or have one added color.
4. Digital entries may be in Color or in Black and White.
5. Photographs that have been previously entered in any category cannot be resubmitted in another category, i.e. A photograph submitted as a Color Print cannot be converted to Black and White and re-entered.
6. Entries receiving a score of 6 or 6.5 may be reprocessed and resubmitted.
B. Number of Entries
1. A maximum of two entries per member in each category is permitted but no more than three entries per member is permitted per competition.
C.  Make Up
1. One Make up in each category is allowed for the season.
D. Prints shall be submitted no later than 15 minutes prior to the competition.
1. All prints must be mounted on sturdy material capable of standing unaided in a print display box. 
2. Prints may be horizontal or vertical. The print must be a minimum of 8x10 to a maximum of 16x20. The mounting may be any size as long as it fits in the club’s display box but not more than 16x20 inches. 
3. ?Maker Labels should be applied only to the upper right hand corner to confirm image orientation. Please obtain labels in advance and apply them at home to save time on competition night.
E. Digital Competition
1. Digital entries may be entered via the club's web site or by email to the Digital Competition Coordinator
2. Deadline for submission is the Sunday preceding the competition date.
3. File name format:
File name:       C32-MemberName-Group1-Photo Title
        C32 = Club Code
        MemberName - My Handle
                Group is either A1 or B1 (the 1 is required)
Sample : C32-JohnDoe-B1-my  best image
Note 1: The file name must be a continuous string with hyphens separating the fields. Spaces are allowed only in the Photo Title.
Note 2: Member name, once selected cannot be changed without notifying the Digital Competition Coordinator

A. Qualified judges are invited from outside our membership to evaluate entries on the scale 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9.

VI. The Photographic Federation of Long Island (PFLI)
A. Selected photographs shall be submitted to the monthly PFLI competition.

B. Photograph of the month shall always be submitted to the monthly PFLI competition.

C. From the club's monthly competitions, a rotating voluntary committee of three (3) members shall select both prints and digital entries for the PFLI competitions.

1. Except for the Photo of the Month, the selection shall be anonymous.

2. Only one entry per member per category shall be submitted to the PFLI competition.

PFLI  Monthly Competition

Three judges evaluate entries on a scale of 7-9 each. For further information visit