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Gurwin Photo Contest

Donna Crinnian : Grand Prize/Action Sports "Long Island Surfer"
Donna Crinnian: Grand Prize/ Wildlife "Watching the Sunset
Donna Crinnian: Honorable Mention/Wildlife "Breeding Plumage"

Frank DiBenedetto: Honerable Mention/Action Sports "Bull Dogger"

Jan Golden: Honorable Mention/People "Indian Man "
Carol Goldstein: Honorable Mention/Children "African School Children"
Carol Goldstein "Honorable Mention/travel "Bay Of Fundy"

Leonard Victor Awards

Anne Walsh 1st Place A Plants : Dream Dalia
Frank Di Benedetto Overall Digital and Grand Prize:
Norhtern Lights Over a Black Church

Carol Goldstein Grand Circle Tours Best Picture Award

PFLI Medal Winning Images

Score of 27
Carol Goldstein "Hopewell Rocks"

Dennis Darvin's Photo Selected for Newsday Funbook
The image will appear in the 5/20/17 issue.


PFLI Medal Winning Images
Score of 27
Susan Nolan "Tribute" CPA

Score of 26
Susan Nolan "NYC View" CPA
"48 Olds, "BWA, "Lighthouse Walk,"BWA
Carol Goldstein, "Tuscany Sunrise," "Crete Sunset,"
Jeff Goldschmidt "Freedon Tower,"CPA
Jan Golden, "House in the Woods," CPA
Mike Di Renzo, "Portland Harbor Sunset,"CPA,
" See 7 States,"BWA, "Bass Harbor Reflection,"CPA

Leonard Victor Awards PFLI 2016

BWA Prints 1st place Susan Nolan - "48 Olds"
BWA Prints 2nd Place Carol Di Renzo "Portland Headlights "
CPA 3rd Place Susan Nolan "Tribute 2015"
Prints Scenic 1st place Mike Di Renzo"Portland Harbor Sunset"
Digital A Scenic 1st Place Carol Goldstein "Tuscany Sunrise"
DIgital A Scenic 2nd place Mike Di Renzo "Manhattan at Dawn"
Digital A Plants Laura Star "White Rose"
Creative 2nd place Mike DI Renzo "Domino Peek a Boo"

Gurwin Photography Contest 2016

Jan Golden-Altered/Enhanced Honorable Mention "In the Rice Paddy"
Mike Di Renzo Children Honorable Mention "Bubble Boy"
Wildlife Honorable Mention "Hawaiian Tree Frog"



All Stars

Highest Scores Above 23

Color Print A
Susan Nolan, Carol Goldstein, Carol Di Renzo, Mike DiRenzo, Gary Emord, Donna Cusack, Jan Golden


B and White A
Susan Nolan, Mike Di Renzo, Carol Goldstein

Digital A
Carol Goldstein, Ann Walsh, Gary Emord

Mike Di Renzo

PFLI Super All Stars
16 or more images with scores of 23 or above:

Mike Di Renzo 4 groups
Carol Goldstein 3 groups
Susan Nolan 2 groups

B to A

Frank Strakosch CPB